Trends of maxillofacial trauma: An update from the prospective register of a multicenter study in emergency services of Chile

Werlinger, Fabiola; Villalon, Marcelo; Duarte, Valentina; Acevedo, Raul; Aguilera, Rodrigo; Alcocer, Diego; Badillo, Oscar; Briones, Rene; Condal, Cristian; Del Rio, Marcela; Garcia, Roberto; Herrera, Mauricio; Jaramillo, Joaquin; Merchan, Felipe; Nasi, Marco; et. al.


Background: Determine the behavior of the maxillofacial trauma of adults treated in 3 tertiary care centers in the central zone of Chile. Material and Methods: descriptive, cross-sectional. multicenter study, based on the prospective records of maxillofacial trauma cases attended between May 2016 and April 2017 by dental and maxillofacial clinical teams of Adult Emergency Units of hospitals Dr. Sotero del Rio (metropolitan region), Carlos Van Buren and Dr. Gustavo Fricke (region V). Age, sex, date of occurrence, type of trauma according to ICD-10, etiology, legal medical prognosis and associated injuries were recorded, stratifying by sex and age. Chi square and unpaired Wilcoxon tests were used to compare by groups. Results: 2.485 cases and 3.285 injuries were investigated. The male: female ratio was 1.7: 1 with age under 30 predominant, followed by older adults. Variability was observed in the yearly, weekly and daily presentation. The highest frequencies were in January and September, weekends and at night. The main etiologies were violence (42.3%), falls (13.1%) and road traffic crashes (12.9%) with differences by age and sex (p 0.05). 31,9% of the injuries occurred in hard tissue, being fractures in nasal bones predominant (S02.2). Conclusions: the profile of the maxillofacial trauma in Chile seems to be mixed by age, affecting young people and the elderly. The male sex predominates; the main cause, which varies by age group, is violence. Their surveillance is possible from hospital emergency records.

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