Reporte Clínico Estudio Descriptivo del Registro Piezográfico de la Zona Neutra, en un Paciente Desdentado Completo

Astorga Elizabeth; Lee Ximena; Vergara Cristian

Keywords: Neutral zone, piezography, total prosthesis.


Every function of the stomatognathic system involves the synergistic action of the musculature around the prosthesis, consisting of complex and individual structures such as tongue, lips, cheeks and mouth floor. When planning and making complete prostheses, the muscular dynamic is not always considered. This can generate instability of the device during function, the location of the artificial teeth is made arbitrarily on the top and middle parts of the flange, and the configuration of the polished areas is made according to mechanistic concepts. This factor takes more relevance in patients with severe atrophy of their residual flanges, where the prosthetic stability can be a decisive factor between the success or failure of the rehabilitation. It is known that the osseointegrated implants provide retention, support and stability. However, there are special situations in which it is not possible to access to this type of treatment, both for medical surgical reasons or associated costs. In this study, a Piezographyc record of the Neutral Zone was used in a patient with facial nerve involvement generating involuntary muscle spasms of the affected side. A prosthetic rehabilitation based on the appropriate relation between external prosthetic surface and surrounding tissues was obtained, improving functional requirements such as retention and stability. The computerized tomographic Cone Beam system was used, with the objective to show the piezographic record. The results obtained with these piezographic prostheses prove to be superior in factors like comfort and speech articulation, but inferior in masticatory efficiency, where the conventional technique is still better.

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Título de la Revista: Revista clínica de periodoncia, implantología y rehabilitación oral
Volumen: 6
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Editorial: Sociedad de Periodoncia de Chile. Sociedad de Implantología Oral de Chile. Sociedad de Prótesis y Rehabilitación Oral de Chile
Fecha de publicación: 2013-01-01
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